Juggling Company


Ea Eo was formed in 2009 by Bram Dobbelaere, Jordaan De Cuyper, Sander De Cuyper and Eric Longequel, and was joined in 2014 by Neta Oren.

Juggling and lame jokes are the 2 languages that are at the heart of the company's work. We play with talking about everything and anything with this peculiar vocabulary.


Latest Venues

30Sep-15Oct Antony | L'Azimut France Les Fauves
8Nov-26Nov Nantes | Le Grand T France Les Fauves
2Dec-6Dec Elbeuf | Cirque Théâtre Elbeuf France Les Fauves
10Dec-11Dec Marchin | Latitude 50 Belgique All the Fun
14Dec-18Dec Cherbourg | La Brèche France Les Fauves
20Jan-28Jan Marseille | La Biennale Internationale des Arts du Cirque France Les Fauves
16Mar-19Mar La Rochelle | La Coursive France Les Fauves
31Mar-2Apr Pontault Combault | Les Passerelles / Théâtre de Chelles / La Ferme du Buisson France Les Fauves
14Apr-16Apr Villeparisis | Cirquévolution France Les Fauves
25Apr-28Apr Villefontaine | Théâtre du Vellein (décentralisé) France Unplugged
5May-7May Reims | Le Manège France Les Fauves
20Jun-25Jun Le Mans | Le Mans fait son Cirque France Les Fauves



Les Fauves : Laure Caillat & Anne Agathe Prin /  06 16 12 46 91 / 06 43 36 75 12

Unplugged, By Hand, Biographies : Eric Longequel / 06 08 58 42 13
(english or french)


Cie Ea Eo
196 Rue de Belleville
75020 Paris, France

Pol&Freddy VZW
Wagenmakersstraat 2
8560 Wevelgem, Belgique