All the Fun

All the Fun

All the fun is an attempt to choreograph a rave party, with juggling as the only psychotropic substance.

A circular set-up, made of a 6m diameter track surrounded by 200 chairs, on which the audience comes to sit, their feet spilling onto the stage, to watch the ritual. A ritual with ugly throws, childish balancing acts and magnificent falls. A track lit by a device reminiscent of a 31st century rave party. A ceiling of energy-saving bulbs at the end of their lives acting as 50 homemade strobe lights. To the sound of techno-trance-goa-tribecore-minimal-industrial-speedcore music, in short, to the sound of electronic music progressively rising from 90 to 170 BPM, juggling objects coloured by hand with the same fervour as a tag or a child's scribble, will be thrown, manipulated, held in balance and thrown to the ground to pay a feverish tribute to the ritual but profane actions of everyday life. Holding an object for nothing, throwing an object for nothing, having an object that serves no purpose. It's a tribute that serves no purpose. It is a tribute to tributes that serve no purpose. It is a reunion with endurance, concentration, fragility, limits, failure, pogo. The underlying message will be as unclear as possible, so that the artists themselves won't know if there is a real point, or if it's all just a good joke told in a language nobody understands.



De et avec : Jordaan De Cuyper, Sander De Cuyper, Bram Dobbelaere, Éric Longequel, Neta Oren.

Regard extérieur : Johan Swartvagher

Regard extérieur jonglage : Jay Gilligan

Création lumière : David Carney

Musique : David Maillard

Régie (en alternance) : Rinus Samyn, Thibault Condy, David Maillard

Production : Laure Caillat 

Le spectacle est joué en français, anglais, espagnol ou néerlandais. Le texte d'ouverture est toujours joué dans la langue du pays d'accueil.

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Tel: +33 6 16 12 46 91