By Hand

By Hand is a participative show freely inspired by the play By Heart by Tiago Rodrigues

We invite 10 people from the audience to learn by heart a juggled poem. A series of throws that carry particular sensations and memories, historical and anecdotal, that we share with the audience as our battalion of jugglers learn to juggle the poem.

By Hand is also the story of the author's quest for a juggling act worthy of being memorized, but which anyone could learn in less than an hour; and who share their doubts about this quest with Tiago Rodrigues, even though he knows nothing about juggling.



De et avec : Neta Oren & Eric Longequel

Librement inspiré de la pièce By Heart de Tiago Rodrigues

Un grand merci à : Overground Circus Lyon, ETAC Ecole de Cirque de Bourg-en-Bresse, Orit Nevo, Anne-Agathe Prin & Guy Waerenburgh.

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Tel: Léa Calu : 06 04 49 98 50